Saturday, January 17, 2009

Days 16-20

Boy, the days just fly by when you are taking a picture a day.  I so love this idea, can't you tell?!  
Tuesday, Jan. 13th - Tyler's such a terrific big brother!  I caught him helping me get Grant ready for our hectic morning routine.   
Wednesday, Jan. 14th - Here are my two after school helpers (Madison & Jessi).  I must say they do a fantastic job getting my room ready for the next day by changing the calendar, picking up the floor, filing papers in cubbies, etc.  However, they do love to just play around and on this day I could not get them off the computer to go home.  They were having too much fun! 
Thursday, Jan. 15th - I will probably use the other picture posted with the adhesive on the face for the 365 project, but this picture was a close second.  Prior to the adhesive tape on the face, Grant informed me with the empty Schwan's ice cream box that we were all out.  Someone put the empty box back in the deep freeze for Grant to find.  Of course, he so wanted ice cream and I said..."Look inside the box..maybe there's still one left."  That's what he's doing in the picture. Bummer!  No ice cream! 
Friday, Jan. 16th - Hooray!  Andy's home and a night out with adults.  This does not happen often enough.  We went to "Fireproof" a free showing at Faith Lutheran Church with Todd and Amy Jensen.  Then decided to go to the Haymarket for some mexican food and drink at El Potrero. What a nice, kid-free evening out!  Awesome food and beverages too!  
Saturday, Jan. 17th - I decided to let Madison have a try at the camera, so she took this picture of Grant and mom reading books.  I think I have pictures of everyone in the family reading books to Grant.  He can do this again and again with the same book.  I am happy that he enjoys the love of literature!  Hope this continues over the years.  

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Kristi said...

Great pictures! I especially love the one of Tyler helping Grant get dressed- how sweet!!! Glad Andy made it back home & you guys got to go out!