Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Days 11-15

It's Wednesday night and I can't think of a thing to blog about except my 365 project.  I have a terrible head cold and I should just sit down and finish "Breaking Dawn" the fourth book in the Twilight series.  I am kind of taking it easy with the final book because I just want it to last forever...Edward and Bella.  I guess if you read the books you will know that indeed it does. Okay, on to my latest pics...
Thursday, Jan. 8th - I took Madison in to Hairmasters for a hair cut.  She hasn't had it cut in a year and it was looking pretty shabby.  She did not want it short again, so a trim was all that was needed. 
Friday, Jan. 9th - Today we celebrated Mrs. Green's (I have a difficult time calling her Kristi since she was Madison's Kdg. teacher) birthday with lunch from daVinci's.  Kristi (I said it) is holding a piece of colored toast that I made for her special day.  All the kindergarteners decorated bread with milk and food coloring and then toasted them for a cool visual effect that morning.  So, I was trying to be funny when I said "look what I made you".  
Saturday, Jan. 10th - This was Madison's first full day to sell Girl Scout cookies in the neighborhood.  She headed out of the house with Tyler and got seventy boxes sold.  It's just too bad that we have sales at the coldest time of the year.  Way to go, Maddy!
Sunday, Jan. 11th - Here's Tyler and Don Stewart, Pastor of Youth Ministries, posing for one of those "Mom, you are so embarrassing" pictures.  We just love Pastor Don and the excellent youth program at St. Mark's.  
Monday, Jan. 12th - Good-bye Andrew!  He is off to locate (survey) 3,500 more power poles in Clay Center, Kansas for work.  That's five hundred fewer than last week.  Oh, what a long month or months this will be!  


Tracey said...

I'm here for you while Andy "finds" all those poles. :)
I'm praying it will be a short excursion.

missy said...

you're a twilight girl, huh?? i've wondered what the big hoopla is.

Kristi said...

Ok, you are really selling me on the project 365- it is so neat just to see some of the day to day stuff that you normally wouldn't.

LOL, on the Twilight book- I've reread everything at least twice. Have you read the unfinished version of Midnight Sun? It's SO good!

Mindee said...

No one asked me if I wanted any cookies this year. Send her my way!