Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life with 3 Kids and No Hubby!

Some days I question my sanity more than is one of them.  It's been a crazy week without Andy and I've spent my evening doing laundry, feeding the kids, planning Tyler's weekend social schedule, making a quick trip to the library for a book for tomorrow's lesson and was just checking emails when Grant said...."Ook!"  Grant's face is not only covered in crusty boogers, but also with my dearly loved adhesive tape for scrapbooking.  At this point in the evening, I didn't question where the rest of my adhesive tape is or all over what...I just took a deep breath and said, "Where's my camera?"  


missy said...

great response, mom! taking pictures is such a good stress reliever and keeps me from yelling. i don't do very well when my husband is out of town. hang in there.

since i desperately wish i was on your kdg. team, i must read twilight too to be like you guys. do you mind if i borrow it? i'll take good care of it. i have a nasty habit of reading novels in one night (staying up til 4am to finish)so if i'm so tired i can't care for my family...i'll blame you! :)

Mindee said...

Lovely. It's always good material for later embarrasment.

Tracey said...

Amy- I was feeling for you last night. I could tell it wasn't going well when you called me. I could tell you were stretched thin. :)
Have fun tonight!! You deserve every minute of it.