Thursday, January 22, 2009

Days 21-25

Sunday, Jan. 18th - I attended an Archiver's workshop with my Mom, which lasted a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.  We created six layouts using the Scenic Route line and they were in very pretty blues and browns.  We had a lot of fun!  This was my present to Mom for her birthday next week.  Happy early birthday, Mom! 
Monday, Jan. 19th - This was a holiday (Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday), so Mom and the kids had the day off from school.  Madison and I made red envelopes for next Monday's Chinese New Year.  We first tried cutting out and stamping the envelopes (too much work).  Then learned quickly that you can just purchase very cool envelopes next to nothing at a local Asian Market here in Lincoln.  "Gung Hay Fat Chow!"  That means best wishes and congratulations in Chinese.
Tuesday, Jan. 20th - A historical day in American...Inauguration '09 for the 44th President of the United States who happens to be part African-American.  It makes me proud to see how far our country has come and some day I hope to see the first woman President too!  (This picture makes me laugh because Grant was so uncooperative.  Look at Madison's expression...picture #18 before I stopped.)  Good enough! 
Wednesday, Jan. 21st - Got to love a short work week!  I was thinking that I needed another classroom photo and thought about what I do most....tie shoe laces.  I took my camera to large group and the first kid who asked for their shoe to get tied, got their picture taken by another student.  It took less than 15 minutes before the request was made!  Oh, if I only got paid per shoe!  
Thursday, Jan. 22nd - The weather here in Lincoln was absolutely beautiful today!  I was able to not only take my kids out to recess, but without coats on!  Wow!  Tomorrow the weather is suppose to change, so Grant and I took advantage of it after school.  Here's my cute two year old who is very dirty, but enjoying his trike.  Just love that smile of his!  


Tracey said...

So cute!
I love these chronicles.

Michelle said...

Love alllll the pics on here. =) My youngest is in Kindergarten and I SO stand amazed at your job! ;-) Thanks for the comment on my blog. You actually inspired me to post another layout. hehe. =) I used to just post our goings-on so that I would remember stuff for journaling, but my latest is posting project/layout stuff, which has been fun. The 365 KOTM thing has been absolutely insane! No only are people BEGGING for a re-release of the paper products (no matter how long it takes, just say they'll get on it!), but others are consistently saying they will PAY for more digital items. That would be easy money for them. I just don't get it. Anyway, keep enjoying the concept --- I have seen TONS of folks do some amazing stuff and even pretty simple with 4x6 page protectors, but I understand wanting it to be just easy!