Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tyler turns twelve

Tyler had a small, but nice little birthday party last night.  He invited three friends (all J names) to a sleep over.  We ordered Valentino's pizza for dinner and then I took the four kids across town to the Cooper YMCA for swimming.  It was good cheap fun!  They were able to swim for three hours and I was able to read my new favorite book....Twilight!  We left the Y around 10:00 to come home to eating junk food, playing the Wii and watching movies.  I have no clue how much sleep anyone got, but they were all up by 7:00 for Andy's egg and bacon biscuit dish.  Which I should post because it's very easy and very tasty!  The Broekers are all done with birthdays for a while, now on to Christmas!  

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Tracey said...

Hi Amy!
That is a really good picture. Joey had a really fun time. He thought he finally fell asleep about 3am. He has a good time at your house. Thanks for having him.