Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forty by Forty

This is officially my first blog......the first thing I can say that I've done on my new list of "Forty by Forty".  It sounds like a carpenter word (40" x 40"), but I am trying to come up with forty things that I've never done and will do by the age of forty.  I now have 23 months to do it all in, but I think I can do it.  Okay...I know I can do it!  All for the sake of scrapbooking, right?!  I think the next maybe text messaging.  I am so "old school", huh?  I will have to post my other 39 things over the next two years.  Maybe you can give me some ideas too. I think donating blood will be on the list.  I hope I survive that one because getting my finger poked for an iron test is a huge deal for me....yikes!  


Tracey said...

Great blog!
I will look forward to reading it.
I am so glad I gave you an idea for your 40x40. I feel like I am a contributor to your adventure. :)

Anonymous said...

#1.... Visit your cousin Jennifer!!