Friday, November 28, 2008

#2 Movie & Just Me

I have finally gotten around to working on my 40 by 40 project by seeing a movie by myself.  I've never done it before and now I can say I have.  I was one of nineteen people in the theatre last night for a late night showing of Twilight.  It was pretty weird saying, "One ticket, please."  The guy selling the tickets said, "One adult?"  I was first thinking he thought I was buying for my daughter since it's a teen flick, and then I was hopeful about the second thought was that I was so "youthful looking" that he needed clarification.  I really doubt it's either one, just part of the ticket selling lingo.  

However, Twilight was better than I expected.  I had very low expectations of the movie since it received 2 1/2 stars in the Lincoln paper, but it was good.  The book still is a whole lot better!  I did think that the Edward Cullen character had a slight Edward Scissorhands appeal about him, but he's still good looking.  The movie did follow the book as well as expected for the book being over 500 pages long.  I did think a few of the details that needed to be in the movie were left Bella's reaction to the smell of her own blood since I know that it might pose a problem to her becoming a vampire later in the other books.  Anyway, if you haven't seen the movie yet, I'd highly recommend the book first.  Such a great love story!!!

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Tracey said...

Amy- I am so inspired by your adventurous spunk. Your "40x40" idea is so cool. I want to go with you when you get your tattoo.:)