Saturday, November 15, 2008

Before and After

Madison's bedroom is finally done!  Hooray!  After many months of deliberation on paints and patterns, we have a finished room.  Madison got the cutest bedding for her birthday in September from Pottery Barn (on clearance, love that!) and we knew that her cute, little girl, pink butterfly room, just wouldn't do.  It was time for a change and the need for a more sophisticated looking bedroom.  I first wanted to paint stripes at the bottom, but I knew I didn't have the patience or the time for all the taping and paint changes it took.  So, three weeks ago I settled on plain, white walls. I figured it would make the room look clean, which it didn't.  It made everything else in the room look dirty (especially the ceiling) and quite boring.  Andy was less than thrilled to help me paint the room all over again, which took all of last weekend and this weekend.  We used a lime green paint for the top and turquoise for the bottom with a white chair rail in between.  Wow!  What a fun looking bedroom!  Hope you like it, Miss Maddy!    


Tracey said...

Maddy's room is soooo cute. I love the green and blue together. Does Maddy like it? I will have to ask her tomorrow. BTW-I got such a kick out of the thank you card she wrote Jessi. "You know just what I like." It seemed like such a "Maddy" thing to say. She is a great kid.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!