Monday, August 31, 2009

Poor Puppy

Isn't that the most pathetic looking puppy you've ever seen? This poor puppy was not well today. In fact, you could say he was a poopy puppy. Our dog, Ranger, had diarrhea all over his kennel. Ranger's space occupies about 5 feet x 10 feet in our downstairs basement, which is where he spends his days while we are away. He never goes to the bathroom in this space, unless he's sick. Poor little guy and poor us for having to clean "it" up. "It" was everywhere. The poo was on his bed, on his blanket, on his toys and on a pair of shorts that he must have pulled through his kennel that were Madison's. He must like her smell. And, of course, it was caked on his backside. UGH! The most unfortunately part of the story has to be that Andy is out of town for work and I am left to clean it up. Well, not totally, the kids helped...
Here is Tyler bagging his hands (we didn't have any rubber gloves) for an outdoor dog bath. The weather was nice and I didn't want to scrub the tub, so I bribed the kids to do the job. I told them if they cleaned the dog's back end they could have whatever they wanted for dinner tonight. Madison said a burger from Burger King and Tyler, believe it or not, said Ramen noodles. Wow! I got lucky on this one!

Last night, Tyler mentioned that Ranger looked a bit sad. I asked why he thought this and Tyler explained that Dad ran over Ranger's all-time favorite toy with the lawn mower.
This is what remains of the blue dog for our now "blue" dog. Of course, the lawn mowing man doesn't think to clean it up either. Andy must think it's bio-degradable.

Do you suppose that Ranger has IBS like his owner? Do you suppose he's suffering a loss of a friend? Hmmm....makes one wonder! Hope my doggie feels better tomorrow!


missy said...

this is both sad and disgusting at the same time. that's impressive that your kids did the cleaning. glad you got off easy on the meals of choice. jack's favorite food is ramen noodles.

Mamma has spoken said...

Agree with Missy. That is a sad and disgusting story. I stopped crating my dogs a long time ago mainly due to there is no such thing as a crate big enough for the labs. I've came home once (well actually more than that)to a mess and they had it all over the kitchen and family room (I do keep them confind to this area) but not on them. So there is a bright side to your story, it could have been worst!
Here's hoping that the little pooch is better today!

Amy said...


I let the poor doggie sleep with Grant last night instead of the kennel. He roamed the house and has poop everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean in about eight locations. Unfortunately, I have to go to work now and can't rug doctor it up. I guess I need to call the vet. UGH!

Tracey said...

I remember when Mikey had that "bug". He had diahrrea for 3 days. Ugh!!! then I figured out it was a ham bone, we had given him. Stupid me! Who knew ham bones would make him sick?
BTW what is this cool new look for your blog? I am green with envy! LOL I want that! Where did you get this? Maybe you did it yourself, in which case I am even greener. :)

Mindee said...

Amy - my dog had similar issues about a month ago and it was $200 to clear it up. I'm hoping Ranger is better by the time you get home.