Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Days 221-225

Thursday, August 6th - We (Grant, Andy & I) went to the Lancaster County Fair and bummed around. Of course, we found some model trains and spent some time watching them. Can't get enough of "Thomas".
Friday, August 7th - I decided to take Grant to Christi's for a day in Omaha by myself. It was great fun doing just what I wanted to do...Archiver's and a school supply store. Archiver's was having a big weekend sale and free make 'n takes. This is something I normally could not do with kids around. Free fun...gotta love it! I also found a $5 bill on the ground right outside Archiver's too. It was God's way of telling me...here's five on Me...spend freely! Don't ya think?
Saturday, August 8th - We went to Kearney today to pick the older two kids up from their week of staying with the relatives. I, unfortunately, forgot my camera and wished I would have gotten a picture of Tyler running the garden tractor filling the holes with dirt from the underground sprinklers that were installed. Tyler was so cute, darn it! So, I am using an archived picture of Sue and Tracy's new house instead.
Sunday, August 9th - Here's Grant and Andy at church waiting for service to start. We just finished our Sunday donuts, which is the reason why Grant thinks we go to church...free donuts!
Monday, August 10th - No time left, we must get haircuts today! Grant has finally decided that this isn't so bad and sat so nice for the beautician. Way to go, Mr. Grant! All those crying fits are hopefully behind us now!


Mamma has spoken said...

Free doughnuts at church, hehehe, that's funny. My kids were the same except the doughnuts were after services.It became a way to control them during mass.

Tracey said...

I still like the "365" thing, don't give up. It's cool.
Maybe I should do it next year, but just for the blog, not for scrapping. I am no scrapper, as evidenced by the Disney scrapbook I put together that you saw today. LOL

Mindee said...

I can't believe they put those trains right by the arena. More than a couple of horses were spooked by those things! I'm glad Grant liked them though.