Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm a regular now...

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day at Office Max. They are handing out those trendy recycling bags along with a huge magnetic paper clip with a 15% discount. Of course, I just had to go even though I've been to the store five times in the last week getting those one cent folders at a limit of six per person per visit. I also knew the two older kids needed some items for school, so now was the time to take them. (They've been out of town for a week at the grandparents/aunt & uncle.)

I picked up some more pencils (10 cents a package...limit 3), a protractor, a couple glue sticks, colored pencils, red checking pens, spiral notebooks (1 cent...limit 3) and a binder for Tyler. I proceeded to the check-out and the sales clerk quickly recognized me.

The conversation went like this...

(Sales clerk named Zoe): "Hello, how are you today?"
(me): "I am fine."
(Zoe): "It's like seeing an old friend."
(me): "Yeah, I've been here quite a bit this past week. I kind of like your store, you see."
I am slightly embarrassed that I am such a cheapskate. She also probably doesn't forget a customer who has her 2 year old pull out the exact change (6 cents) out of his pocket to purchase penny folders.
(Zoe): "Well, it's great having you back. We like to see returning customers."
(me): "I am guessing you won't see me much after this. I think I am all school supplied out!"
As I am picking up my items and leaving....
(Zoe): "See you tomorrow!"
(me): I smile and say, "You are probably right!"


Mamma has spoken said...

Hehehe, glad you're having fun shopping :o)

Jill said...

I was there today for Teacher Appreciation, too. The Office Max I went to also had 50% of the clearance priced item. So, I bought several items (already on clearance) at a 50% more discount, plus the 15% teacher appreciation discount. It rocked! It was awesome!

I will have to say, though, that the bag they gave out last year for teacher appreciation cannot be topped. I love that bag, and I'll use it again this year. It's a perfect teacher bag. If you didn't get it last year, you missed out!