Monday, January 18, 2010

Long time, no blog

To blog or not to blog....that is the question. It's been a busy time for me right now, so I haven't made the time to put what's been happening at the Broeker household this past week on the web. I had to work a five long days last week....really, how do I do it? I was exhausted! We've had so many snow days that I've forgotten what it's like to put in a full week and this week won't help either. We had today off for Dr. King's birthday and tomorrow is a work day for Elementary teachers. Unfortunately, I wished that today would have been a workday for staff and tomorrow a regular school day to help make up for one of our six snow days. However, the District didn't consult me, so starting the beginning of February we will be adding 36 minutes to the workday for ten consecutive days. That makes for a long day for a five year old and an even longer day for little, old me! :)

Our latest news is our new (rather used) vehicle we retrieved in McCook on Saturday. McCook is a four hour drive from our house, but the deal was too good to pass up and we got to experience some lovely unseasonal weather. Temps were in the low 60's, with almost no trace of snow on the ground. I walked around without a coat on. Loved it! Hard to believe I was still in the same state!

As you can see by the photo, this van looks exactly like our last van. Same color, different make.'s about the same there too. This one is a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country and we originally had a 2007 Dodge Caravan. Now everyone will still know it's me coming their way!
Madison and I made the cutest Valentine's that we saw on an Archiver's email. These darling plastic boxes are made by Stampedeous. We had a lot of fun putting them together...with all the stickers and ribbon. The only downfall is that they do require a lot of candy to make them look full. We put 15 Hershey's kisses in each box and Madison has 27 students in her homeroom. I don't think two bags of kisses are going to do it!
So darn cute!
Andy and the kids are playing UNO while I am plugging away at my report cards. I don't mind the testing of students (and retesting), but the entering online by clicking buttons is rather tedious. I think I may need a secretary.
Last night, I went over to my friend Amy's house and did some more scrapbooking. Angie and Lenita were also there for some great conversation. There's really is nothing better than sitting around chatting, glueing, diecutting, cutting, etc. until all hours of the night!

Here's one of my latest layouts that I did here at home. Recently, I've been working on my Disney trip and have almost two of the four parks done. Yay!
The only other tidbit of info that's new to us is our membership to the YMCA. We've been meaning to do it for years, but finally got around to joining now that there's practically a new Y in our backyard....well almost! I can just feel the pounds of fat melting as I am typing this! LOL


Mamma has spoken said...

I love snow days! But like you I hate making them up. At least you get to add time to the end of your days. Here we actually have to go the extra days. When school started we were getting out before Memorial Day. Now we are three days after. Not bad, at least it's not June yet.

Trisha said...

No candy valentines allowed at Lakeview this year.

Kristi said...

Yeah- I like it when you blog- I am horrible at commenting, but I do always read!

It did feel like a long week last week. I only had to work 3 days of it, but still.

I think it is awesome how much you get to scrapbook. I am so far removed from that it is sad. So keep showing your pages- maybe it will motivate me.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

So glad you found a van!