Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Foggy Bloggy

Okay...I've been working on too many word families ("at", "an", & "og") with my kindergarteners that I couldn't resist titling my latest blog with a rhyme. However, with this photo of our capitol how could I not?
We've experienced 12 consecutive days of fog in Lincoln. Ugh! It's not a wonder why I was so crabby and depressed and surrounded by other grouchy, lifeless people. Luckily today we got light again! Hooray! I was starting to think I lived in London.
Now if only we could get rid of those pot holes. They are everywhere and hundreds of them. I don't recall ever seeing so many. I think a small car could get lost in some that I found. I hope the city gets moving on fixing these things. Not good on vehicle tires or for those drivers who are swerving to miss them. All I can say is..."Please, don't hit me. I've met my quota for the year!"
Yesterday, I took Grant to see Sesame Street Live at the Pershing Auditorium. Can you tell by the look on his face that he's excited? At this age, he can't seem to give me a nice smile. It's this look or a tongue hanging out of his mouth.
I purchased the $19 tickets (that I got for $16 each with a coupon), but we still seemed to have to sit a long way up. Grant would say..."Hey Elmo, I'm up here!" I wanted to yell..."Hey Elmo, I'm way up here for a ridiculous amount of money!" Still Grant loved it, so it was all worth the expense.
Today marks the first day of indoor baseball practice. I think it's rather funny to take a picture of Tyler in his baseball gear with a pile of snow in the background. Seeing Tyler in his uniform does give me hope that Spring is just around the corner.

Grant got wind of baseball and thought we were going to go to a game today, so he grabbed his baseball hat and bucket of toys. He was so disappointed to learn that it was just Tyler going to indoor batting practice. Too darn cute!


Mamma has spoken said...

We had a lot of fog here too! And weird weather, first it was single digets and now we are in the 40's. But ugh, they are calling for snow on Thursday....
Love how your seats were so high up! Makes you wonder how much the front row seats were.

Mindee said...

I hope you enjoyed those couple hours of sun. I have a feeling that's the last of it for a while. And I love Grant's picture expression. :)

Tracey said...

I was wondering how Sesame Street Live was? I remember when we went and saw it. It was when Hannah was in Kindergartena, and she won a contest sponsored by Channel 8 TV. She won tickets for the 5 of us and everyone in her class. It was so cool.:)