Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Bad Case of Cabin Fever

I'm sick. Yes, I am sick and tired of bitterly cold weather with loads of snow. I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I would have gone to work this week. If I would have been at work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I might have a guaranteed day of decent weather. Weather that would allow me to go to Omaha and spend my Archiver's gift card. It's burning a hole in my pocket and I need to spend it. However, I heard that the roads are "slicker than snot" according to my father, so I'm not going to risk it after my January 3rd fiasco. *Sigh*

So, I'm going to try to focus on the positive that I've seen lately during this very depressing kind of environment I'm living in.
The sun dogs were incredible to see on Thursday. I can't tell you exactly how they are formed, but you can google it. I can't recall if I've ever seen them before. I think it looks like one giant eyeball. What do you think? To be honest, I'd still rather see the Saltdogs instead of the sun dogs! ;)
The kids are getting good use of their toys. Unfortunately, I have to harp on them to clean their stuff up since it's everywhere. My house is NOT clean after having three snow days in a row.
Grant can be quite entertaining. He likes to dress up and says, "Mom, take a picture of this." What can I say to that? I think he's suppose to be a super hero who tackles home improvement projects?!

Madison also has been asking me to help her with a Science test that was suppose to be taken on Wednesday. She better ace this test since we've been studying for five days straight. I love that she is so concerned about her studies, but she does take it to an extreme and gets stressed out. Poor thing! I hope she outgrows this when she gets older! Life is tough and you got to roll with the punches! are a few of her questions. Let's see how you do. The answers are in the comments section.

1. Light travels in _______. (I thought I'd give you an easy one.)

2. The movement of heat by direct contact of particles is called ______________.

3. The movement of heat through gases and liquids is called _______________.

The latest blessing came at last night's Girl Scout Mother/Daughter Overnighter. Okay...Madison didn't think so, but I however am one who benefits from a good night's sleep. Our local Girl Scout Council rented a large room at a hotel for this lock-in that started at 7pm. The idea was to let the girls swim until 10pm and then play games, watch movies, eat munchies and sleep until a 10 am dismissal the following day. The swimming went as planned and then the fire alarms started sounding at 9:30 due to a water pipe breaking. The alarms sounded off and on about eight times, which luckily they didn't make us evacuate the building with wet hair and zero degree temps. Shortly, another mom and I were asked where our sleeping bags were located in the basement. Of course, the pipe broke right along the wall where our stuff was laying causing Madison's white socks to take on a soaked yellow appearance. Our pillows, sleeping bags and Madison's clothing were all damp...some soaked. That was officially the end of our overnight. I wasn't about to sleep on a gross, wet sleeping bag.

The Girl Scout is motto is "Be Prepared", which translates to me "Be prepared to sleep in my own comfortable bed".


Amy said...

1. waves
2. conduction
3. convection

Mamma has spoken said...

At least you got some of the fun part in. I'm with you wouldn't want to sleep there even if my sleeping bag was dry.
Question: Do you have to make up your snow days? We use to have time built into our day to make up the first five but the state department said we can't do that any more. Now we have to make up each one. I've had three....

Amy said...


We have built in five snow days, but have already used 6, so they are trying to figure out what to do. They suggested adding time to each day, taking away days during our week long spring break or going on Saturdays. I can't imagine that the last idea would fly. We are also suppose to get another huge snow storm at the end of the month according to Farmer's Almanac. So far, the Almanac has been correct. This has been the snowiest winter we've experienced in years!

Sarah said...

I hope this doesn't happen to you, but when I was in high school we had so many days that were missed due to snow and we did end up having to lengthen our days every day for the rest of the school year. I remember hating that! I think each day was extended by about 40 minutes. I imagine LPS hasn't changed their standards that much in almost 10 years so you might have to do that too! Hopefully not!

Kristi said...

I hear ya on the cabin fever- we all finally escaped today and it was heaven.

Thank goodness they didn't make you go outside when the fire alarm went off. It sounds like in the end the busted pipes were a blessing in disguise.

Oh and I'm not going to even try to answer the science questions. I always hate it as a sub when the teacher doesn't leave a good key to whatever assignment they've left for the kids to do. Yes, I knew that stuff once, but it's asking a lot for me to remember it all.

Mamma has spoken said...

Our first 10 snow days are added to the end of the school calendar. so We could be going until around June 5th. Any over 10 are renegotatied by the teacher's union and the school board. It use to be we could add to the end of each day, but some congressmen in their wisdom decided that we have to be in school so many days vs hours. Of course the same congressmen forgave their districts' snow days during last year's ice storm!

Mindee said...

Anyone who tackles home improvement IS a super hero. That is so exciting about your sleeping bags! You couldn't have planned it any better.