Friday, January 8, 2010

The End of Project 365

This is finally the, one full year completed and with lots of adventures to look back on which include but, not limited to....potty training, holiday festivities, Big Sandy, kindergarten, grades 2 and 3, two middles schools (Goodrich & Schoo), soccer, football, baseball, softball, Girl Scouts, first family vacation of 5 to the Black Hills, Tyler's confirmation, Grant's baptism, Madison's bible presentation, our new church addition, our Disney dream vacation, my 39th birthday, Tyler's a teenager now, and the list goes on. I hope 2010 bring more excitement (minus a car accident) to the new year. I think I'll still document it, but may organize about 10 pictures a month at at time. Now, I just can't stop taking daily pictures! I wish I could stick to a diet plan the same way! ;)
Tuesday, December 29th - Madison has been asking for a new perm, so we finally found the time with school out this week. This perm took four hours and 146 rods for the price of $29.95 at a local beauty college. Madison loves it and I got to read a good book in peace!
Wednesday, December 30th - The Jensen clan came over to watch the Holiday Bowl. The Huskers won with a shut out against Arizona. I heard it was the first ever for this bowl game. Way to go, Huskers!
Thursday, December 31st - The kids took this picture, so that's why it isn't centered. We didn't do much for New Year's this year. We ordered pizza for the kids, wore party hats and went out for appetizers and drinks with friends for a few hours. We had to get up early for the Broeker Christmas, so we weren't too venturous.
Friday, January 1st - We celebrated the Broeker Christmas in Kearney. The girls are helping Grandma Sue read the Christmas story prior to opening gifts. It's a tradition that's done every year.
Saturday, January 2nd - I have to finish Project 365 with what I love to do best....scrapbook with my friends, Amy, Kandy, Kristi and Angie. Here we are at Ben Franklin South scrapping the snowy day away!


Tracey said...

Really sad to see "365" end. It was so fun to watch the year unfold in pictures.

Mamma has spoken said...

But you did it! You did a whole year in pictures! Great job! Oh and I love your party hats, my hubby would never had wore one so kuddos to hubby!

Amy said...


FYI - We didn't venture out of the house with the hat, so he was okay with it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll miss your daily 'picture''s like a phone call with pictures everyday. I could see what my family has been up to.