Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowdays = Productive Days

I so love snow days! I like that I can't really go anywhere and I'm not expected to. I dislike having a school year where I never get to use even one up. However, I am hoping we don't exceed our 5 snow days or we will have to make them up like last year. That's a bummer!

I haven't blogged in a while and I'm thinking I'm losing my touch to keep it up. There's just so much to do and so very little time it seems.

Here's what we've been busy with lately....

Tyler decided to try his hand at basketball. I was a little shocked that he's not decided that this is the sport for him in the past, but I believe a beautiful, young girl had something to do it. Tyler has a girlfriend who loves this sport, so of course, Tyler does too. How sweet, huh?
Tyler is number 42.
I love action shots, but terrible at taking them. I so want a Canon Rebel and a photography class to go with it. I wish cupid would bring me one for Valentine's Day.
Tyler's played two Saturdays now and hasn't done too bad.
He scored 4 points in his first game and 2 points in the second.
Madison got to attend a free girls' soccer clinic at the University on Saturday.
Madison had no problem going alone, knowing she'll have a blast.
Madison dreams of playing soccer at the University.
I tell the dream, work hard.
I'd just be happy to know that she could play at a high school level.
I am delighted that she LOVES something this passionately, especially since it's not BOYS!
Andy and I got tickets at the last minute (okay, in the last 12 hours prior to the performance) to the Blue Man Group.
It was PHENOMENAL! I find that kind of humor...hilarious!
I also won my second charm from Two Dog Pond.
I feel a little embarrassed now, so I guess I won't be playing the game for awhile.
It is so darling! Thanks Rachel!
Yesterday, snow day #1, Andrew cleaned out cupboards and organized my spices alphabetically. I did laundry and cleaned toilets. Too bad this neatness can't stay this way!
I also made chocolate chip cookies. This is how many are left.
Then I organized some layouts from my last crop.
This is the most recent picture wise layout.
It was taken on January 10th, which was our very first snow day.
I love to do sport layouts. I am glad Tyler decided to try basketball.
I needed some more variety.
This is my favorite layout.
I love Halloween and the color combinations in this design.
Andy's cousin, Janelle, called me this afternoon. She works for the Community Blood Bank.
She told me that they are in dire need of O negative blood.
So, I went and gave. I got an awesome t-shirt and a free whopper at Burger King.
My snow day is now complete!


Mamma has spoken said...

Lucky you! Not so much that you had a snow day but that you don't have to make up the first 5. I have to make up each and every one. so far we have had 6.
I usually spend my snow days sleeping, watching tv, and eating. Glad you did something more productive than that!
Oh and my chapa is sumer! Even blogger is ready for warmer weather!

Saimi said...

It's no wonder you haven't been in blog land...What a busy girl you've been!!

Mindee said...

I feel like a slug. You got all of that done in two days? All I did was nap. Good for you!

Teachinfourth said...

The cookies look delicious. Photography? Awesome...