Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Blahs

I've been having the February blahs lately, so I turn to crafting. I created this wall art out of a kit from Archiver's. I can't take any of the credit, it's designed by the Archiver's people, but I did adapt it to fit five pictures instead of three. I love the color combination. I think I may make another one too. It was fun and pretty quick to put together.

Part 1
Then I found the cutest classroom valentines off of a craft blog. I bought all the supplies and found two cute girls to make them. I helped a little, but did more of the photo taking.
To complete the project one needs Smarties, Lifesavers, Gum (long stick kind), string, labels and rubber bands.
Then the assembly begins...
Kate is a neighbor and friend of Madison's.
Madison and Kate were busy for over two hours.
They made the cutest airplanes!

Part 2
This is Tyler's Team B Basketball Team.
They look thrilled. I like how one (Nate) hid from getting in the photo.
Teenagers are awesome to photograph...not.
Tyler's team played on Saturday and lost 19 to 39. Only one more game to go.

Part 3
Today was Youth Sunday at church.
Madison gave the Pastoral Prayer...
in front of several hundred people.
She was a rock star! I am very proud of her!

Part 4
We are on week 3 of E-Mealz. We did skip last week and I regretted it. It's been very helpful in creating quick, healthy choices for the family. No more..."What's for dinner?"
We have noticed an increase in complaints from the minors in the household.
Apparently, we've feed fish sticks, corn dogs and chicken nuggets to our kids for too long.
Above is a picture of Beef Pot Pie. It was good and brought me back to memories of those frozen Chicken Pot Pies my mom use to buy from the store.
This was a lot better!
Tell me what you are doing to keep busy in this technically short (but seems forever long) month?


Anonymous said...

Yay, for Madison! She looks so adorable at church...........and she is a 'rock star' today. Wish I had been there.

Grandma Betty

Carla said...

So proud Madison for speaking in Church, that can be very nerve racking. We are trying the e-mealz also. I get more complaints from Scott than I do the kids. but I love the no more "whats for dinner?"

Mindee said...

I love it when you blog, but I can see why you don't do it very often - you are a busy lady!

Those planes are adorable!

Mamma has spoken said...

WOW you have someone else do the planning and cooking for dinner? I am so envious of you right now!

Amy said...

Mamma---You, too, can also do E-mealz. They have plans for about everyone...two people, families, vegetarians, gluten-free, you name it. I've gotten about 4 families to try it. So much easier to do!

Tracey said...

I like the Valentine idea. I am going to have my sister check that one out. She has two little boys so she will be having to do her fair share of Valentine's for classrooms in the next few years.
I just came across the E-Mealz blog over the weekend but didn't have much time to browse it. I will have to go back and check it out further. Sounds great.

Tracey said...

I forgot to comment on Madison. She looks so adorable all dressed up for her part in the church service. Makes me wish I could have been there. :)

Teachinfourth said...

One of my students came in with those valentines! I thought they looked like an awful lot of work, but very creative...

What to do to keep from being 'bleahed' this month? Having a couple of photoshoots is always helpful...