Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Crafty Today with Spray Paint

Today is Martin Luther King's birthday (MLK), so we had the day off of school. It's also suppose to be the saddest day of the year with holiday bills due, forever gloomy weather and broken New Year's resolutions. Just hearing about this made me feel depressed, so I decided to do something fun and crafty. I thought I'd decorate for Valentine's Day on a small budget.

I got crazy with some spray paint...
and found some junk at the local Goodwill store.
This owl is kind of creepy looking, but I saw the cutest owl decorated on another blog. I just had to copy the idea. I wanted to find a larger owl, but this was the only one I could locate without using eBay. He was $3.99 and in desperate need of a facelift.
Isn't he darling now? Really..."Whooo do you love?"
Do you think his heart is little too big? I'd like to find a smaller one.
To help with the the height problem, I used two vintage books from the 1950's. The Little Women one is from my grandmother. She always wanted me to read it. I've tried, but it's a little dull with the text being rather formal and dated.
Then, I found these metal candleholders at the Salvation Army.
They were 99 cents each.
I cleaned them up and changed the charms (to hearts) since some were missing from the original pieces. I found discounted red candles at Pier One for a dollar each.
Then I filled two jars full of clear and red stones (on sale at Hobby Lobby) to create heart trees. One tree for school and one for home. Madison found the twigs from behind our house that I spray painted white. The foam hearts were hung from the branches. I used one of the extra hearts for the owl's neck.
I haven't arranged the Valentine decor exactly the way I wanted yet, but you get the idea. What a great way to celebrate MLK day!
Hope you had a fun filled, happy day also!


Trisha and Jim said...

Spray paint is wonderful

Tracey said...

Wow! I am impressed.
Especially since I was expecting to see something about a new dog. :)

Connie said...

You have some great spray painting skills! Very creative!

Mamma has spoken said...

Just curious as to how much of that spray paint you inhaled ;o)They are all cute. I haven't put out any of my Valentine's decorations yet, guess since you have yours up I can get my out now.

missy said...

girl, you AMAZE me! i love your ability to both create and RE-create. lulu's bday party theme is owls so i am especially fond of the owl. i can't believe the transformation! i wish i had the vision to see something in goodwill and know how it could be FABULOUS.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Amy! Little Women is NOT boring! I'll let it slide though because you're clearly using more brain cells towards crafts/art/decorating than I ever will.