Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year--10 Days Late

This is my first post of 2011. As you can resolution is not keeping up on my blog! ;)

Here's a belated New Year's photo of two of my kiddos. Tyler spent the evening with a friend, so he wasn't included in our New Year's fun or whatever we might call it. This picture was taken at 11pm since we couldn't keep our eyes open for our own New Year (Central time zone). I guess there were lots of fireworks going off around our house, but I was sound asleep at that time.
I mentioned that I was going to come up with some resolutions that I could keep this year and here are a few.....
I am no longer keeping single socks around so incase we might find it's mate. It's unbelievable how many mismatched socks we own. Of course, I did all the possible laundry before letting go of these single socks. I used many of these for cleaning the house before pitching them.
I am also no longer picking up my husband's laundry that didn't make the hamper that is less than a foot away. He crabbed at me the other day for taking his pants to the laundry room that had his wallet and keys in them. Then he realized that they were actually in a pile on the floor...untouched by me. He can now trip over them until he decides they should be put in their rightful spot. Now if I could only do this with the kids' laundry in their rooms.

My last resolution has to do with the toilet (no photo). I thought I'd spare you the sight of one. Yuck! Well, I can't stand seeing an open toilet seat, so I'd always yell..."Who left the seat up??" This went on with me just getting crabby and the toilet still remaining open, so now I am committed to just putting the lid down by myself. Stress be gone. Ha! So, with these resolutions I can say that yes, I am still committed and living up to them!

This sure beats trying my hand at weight loss, exercising or eating a balanced meal!

On another note...I won a contest! I love charms and found yet another gal, Rachel, who makes them. Two Dog Pond has a weekly contest to come up with a title to the photo she displays on her blog on Mondays. The winner is announced on Fridays and I was picked this past week. Yay! The charm came in today's mail.
My quote for the little boy in a tutu reads "After enlightenment, then laundry". It's a Zen Proverb that I found online. I thought it was fitting with the laundry hanging on the line behind the boy.

Today was also a snow day, our first for the school year. Very exciting and good to have one since Grant was throwing up at two in the morning. His bug was short lived (thankfully) and hopefully self-contained. This allowed me to sleep in, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

We probably received 8 to 10 inches of snow. The kids scooped the walks and did some sledding by our house. Another opportunity for some snow scrapping photos!
I love this last photo of Grant. It makes his eyes look so big!


Connie said...

Happy New Year to you too! That really is a picture of a boy in the charm? Very clever!

You have some great resolutions! They sound stress free and do-able!
My husband has solved the single sock dilemma, he safety pins his together. Yeah, he's a neat freak! We balance each other out!

Hooray for Snow days! We had one the Tuesday before Christmas (our last day of school) That's the first one in 20 years!

missy said...

i am LOVING your new year's resolutions. here's how we handle mismatched socks. when the kids need socks they just go to the sock bag (which is overflowing) and pick out any two. who needs matching socks anyway?

so glad the snow day gave you a chance to blog! enjoy tomorrow home too..

Mamma has spoken said...

I'm having a snow day today, it's our third one.
As for those mismatch socks, another use for them is in your classroom. If you use those individual chalk and/or white boards, you can use them as an eraser. I've also used lonely socks to do a spring craft with the students. We make catipillars with them.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

That may be the best resolution list I've ever seen.

I found most of our missing sock mates stuffed under beds and in the backs of closets when I cleaned the kids' rooms last summer.

Now they're all gone again.

Two Dog Pond said...

Thanks for posting about your necklace! Enjoy! about those socks... I have a friend who buys 3 pairs of the exact same sock so she doesn't have to match so many...

Saimi said...

Happy New Year!! And Happy to you for having a snow day! Please, oh please can your storm come our way!!
I want a snow day!!! I want to play!!!

Hey that sounds a little Dr. Seussish to me!! HA!

Darling pictures!!

Tracey said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. Probably for the same reason why I like're just "real". I like "real" people. :)

Teachinfourth said...

Changing what you can, and not those things you can't.

Love it.

A snow day? Man, I've been in Utah for 12+ years and I don't recall one snow day out of the entire dozen. Of course, we don't have to make up days then, either.