Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Night + Bingo = Wild Night

I have now completed finished my Project 40 x 40. I've been to the American Girl Store in KC, drank a martini (which cost me a quarter), got the tattoo and finally played Bingo at a local Bingo Parlor.

Yes, it's true...I've never played Bingo at least for money. Sure, I've played ABC bingo with my students, and played Bingo growing up, but never Bingo where I paid to play. And Wow was it ever exciting boring! My friend Amy and I went at 6:30 and stayed until 10:30. I believe we participated in about twenty-four games of bingo...all for $17.
We did learn about the Bow Tie, Mutt and Jeff and a Snowflake patterns on a Bingo card...
And the nachos were unbelievably awesome!

But we did notice the following...

an elderly couple making out,
a person trimming their finger nails,
several people missing their teeth (I was secretly hoping they'd win to buy some teeth),
a person picking their nose,
and random sounds of belches and burps.

Did you know that it is almost silent at a Bingo Parlor?
It's quieter than the local library.
I almost fell asleep.
Can you tell by this picture?
I even brought my "lucky" banana trophy that I use in my classroom.
It did not bring us any luck, but can you imagine what the bingo regulars thought?


Saimi said...

You really know how to bring in the 40's!!

Tattoo, martini's, bingo,American Girl store, can't wait to see how the 50's go! HA!

Mamma has spoken said...

This so reminds me of the time I went to Bingo with my aunts! They were true die heart players, and didn't like all the questions that I would ask them. Like you, I was bored within the first 10 minutes....

Connie said...

That banana trophy must have worked if you won $17.00!
Happy 40th!

Amy said...

Unfortunately, Connie, I paid $17 to play. No lucky banana! I'd done better at scrapbooking instead. That way I would have accomplished something!