Sunday, October 24, 2010

40 by 40 is Finally Finished...well, almost!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be turning the big 4-0! Ugh! I can hardly believe that I am that old. Turning thirty wasn't anything much, but forty seems so middle aged. I am not sure that I like the sounds of it, but what can I really do about it? I will just think of it as a number and one is only as old as one feels...and I feel twenty-two!

So, two birthdays ago I decided to try to get forty new adventures into my life that I hadn't tried before. There are some that I wanted to try, but with time and money I still haven't done them, so there's now hope for a 50 by 50 project that needs to start now. Here are a few things I hope to accomplish by then....parasailing, hike up a mountain side, attend a non-Christian service (maybe Jewish), visit Europe, white water river rafting, see the Statue of Liberty and maybe even eat Sushi, which I thought I'd get done this time around, but obviously didn't.

Here is what I did get done though. Please note that some are a little weak in nature, but I only had twenty-four months to get it all accomplished.

1. Started a Blog (11/08)

2. Went to a Movie in a Theatre by Myself (11/08)

3. Attended a Southern Baptist Church (12/08)

4. Sent my 1st Text Message (12/08)

5. Joined a Gym (12/08)

6. Signed up for Facebook (1/09)

7. Attended an actual Tea Party (not the political kind, 2/09)

8. 1st Ash Wednesday Service (2/09)

9. Donated Blood for the 1st time (3/09)

10. Shopped in Anthropologie (3/09) -- I am reaching on this one!

11. 1st Weekend long @ a Baseball Tournament (4/09) Too much of a good thing!

12. Touched Kasey Kahne's race car (5/09)

13. Went and saw "Wicked" (5/09)

14. Visited Carhenge in Alliance, NE (6/09)

15. 1st Trip into a Cave (4th largest in the world - 180 ft. down (6/09)

16. 1st Family Vacation with Five (6/09)

17. Survived a Colonoscopy (7/09)

18. Met Thomas the Train in person (7/09)

19. Attended my 1st Christian "Rock" Concert (8/09)

20. Went to my 20th Year High School Class Reunion (9/09)

21. Celebrated the Ethiopian New Year (9/09)

22. Visited Disney World (10/09)

23. Met Dr. Jean and attended her workshop (11/09)

24. Became a Mother of a Teenager (11/09)

25. Shopped for the 1st time on Black Friday (11/09)

26. Scrapbooked for an Entire Weekend long (2/10)

27. Rode in a Corvette for the 1st time (4/10)

28. Witnessed the Bodies Exhibit in Omaha (5/10)

29. Read all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (6/10) Another stretch!

30. Became Two Drips in a Drop for World Blood Day (6/10)

31. Won a Blog Giveaway for the 1st time (7/09)

32. Went to a U.S. Women's Soccer Team game against Sweden (7/10)

33. Visited the Iowa State Fair (8/10)

34. Made a Trifle for the 1st Time (9/10)

35. Survived a Slumber Party of 8 Tweeners (9/10)

36. Owner of a Smart Phone (9/10)

Note: Last four adventures aren't done quite yet, but will be done this week!!!

37. Drank a Martini (10/10)

38. Visited the American Girl Store in Kansas City (10/10)

39. Played Bingo at a Bingo Center for $ (10/10)

40. Surprise! Okay, not really, you've heard me talking about to follow on Tuesday!

That's all...mission accomplished! ;)


Trisha and Jim said...

Ya! Amy Day and I were just talking about the 40 by 40 and wondering where the updates went. Glad you got so much done. Coming to Kansas this week! When? Always welcome to stay with us.

Mamma has spoken said...

At least you had a list but 50 before 50 for me is just too much to squeeze into a month and a half...
Makes me feel sad, no big things I want to do......

missy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!!!!!!!! dang, you're younger than me. i am so impressed with all the things you have done. i hope you have a very happy birthday surrounded by the things you love most...time off of work, scrapbooking, groupon, and 4 people named after presidents! :)

missy said...
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Saimi said...

Happy Birthday!!! 40 is a big one, but you'll get used to it. Take if from someone who's on her way out of the 40's in a few years....

You've been busy though, lots of fun accomplishments!!

McVal said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I need to start a list for before I'm 50. I've been past 40 for a few years. Have to ask my hubby every once in a while to find out how old I am... I hate math.

Teachinfourth said...

Happy belated birthday…it looks like you've had quite a few little adventures along the way.