Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ferb is Four!

Phineas and Ferb's number one fan turned four last week! So, we decided the cake this year will say "Happy Birthday Ferb!" on it to keep with tradition. Last year, it was Devin, the year prior was Christopher and the first year was Bryan. As you may recall, it all started as an accident with the first cake so we thought that we'd do this "name game" until Grant is 21. We will skip the vowels and continue with our yearly joke until we end with the letter "Z". Right now, Grant still doesn't know the difference. Next year, he better notice or I will be concerned. It will be a "G" year, but not for "Grant".
We let Grant pick out his gift at Toys R Us and he chose a Buzz Lightyear, just like the same size as the one Andy has in the movie. It has all the lights and noises too. Very cute! Also, if you tell the clerk that it's your birthday, you get a free balloon and crown.
Grant also got a weekend play date with an old friend in celebration of turning
four. Grant and Cameron became buddies during the summertime at their older brothers' baseball games. Many a days and nights spent at the good ole' ballfield playing cars and eating snacks!
Grant chose to eat at Burger King and to play in the ball pit, which is usually off-limits when we dine there. I think it's gross, but it's Grant's day, so why not...
Cameron even gave Grant a sack of goodies for his birthday. Notice the look on Grant's face when he sees he got a bag of cotton candy! Sugar + Grant = Trouble
Then we visited the Lincoln Zoo to see the new penguin exhibit that just opened the week prior. Very cool!
Two cute baseball buddies!


Mamma has spoken said...

Happy Birthday to Ferb! I mean Grant!

Cheeseboy said...

Happy birthday Ferb. Great pictures. Cute kids.

And is that Costco cake?! I love Costco cake. Just seeing it on a blog and I'm drooling.

Saimi said...

You guys crack me up! What a fun tradition!! Happy Birthday to your little man!!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I love your birthday cake tradition. You guys are a fun family.

McVal said...

Happy Birthday to "Ferb"!!! My kids are big Phineas and Ferb fans too. I just never got into it... I suppose if you duct taped me down I'd probably watch it and love it eventually...
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

McVal said...

Oh btw!!! My parents live in Bancroft currently. I grew up in Sioux City. Got lots of relatives in Nebraska tho.

NENSA MOON said...

Hi Amy,
Happy birthday to Ferb! What a lovely birthday cake!!
Love to see this cute kids on the pic..

Thanks for coming to my site the other day.
Im now following you, and will put your link in my bloggies friends list, so that i could see and know your updated..

glad to be friend with you, Amy.
Hope you have a wonderful day with your lovely kids!

Sarah said...

Happy late Birthday to Grant! Looks like he had fun! We owe him and Madison a gift and hopefully we will see you pretty soon and can deliver then!

Teachinfourth said...

Belated birthday wishes to Grant…and birthing wishes to you!