Saturday, August 28, 2010

Iowa State Fair '10

Finally, I am getting around to putting some photos up on our first trip to the Iowa State Fair. It was spectacular! Iowa does know how to put on a State Fair! My co-worker's father shows cattle at several fairs and he said this by far is the best.
I can totally understand why....
Check out this cute butter sculpture! I think it would make a fine addition to my classroom. A little messy, but darling!
I just have to say that I think the ribbon is going to the wrong individual. I'm pretty certain that the bees get most of the credit, but what do I know about beekeeping?
I saw this sign and wondered how was this possible during an era where there weren't pesticides and fertilizers like we have in this day and age. Then I realized that this corn must have come from a seed that Don sold his cow for, just like Jack did.
Here's a metal replica of that same stalk in 1946. How in the world did they harvest that corn?
The kids tried their hand at the Great Grape Escape that was promoting wineries in Iowa. I thought this was funny to see Grant give the grape crusher a spin.
How much juice can you get out of a bunch of grapes?
Tyler and Madison went on this giant rubber band ride.
I really don't know what it's called, but it cost an additional $7. According to the kids, it was totally worth every penny. Kind of ironic though that it's my money they used.
We also watched a guy creating an ice sculpture with a chain saw. The sculpture is a cowboy, but it's hard to tell with a side view photo.
Madison and Grant tried their farming skills at "Little Hands on the Farm".
It was a series of stations where they planted the food, harvested the food and took care of the farm animals. At the end of the stations, kids sell their goods at the market and get paid with a piece of paper money, redeemable for an a real ice cream treat.
Do you suppose these are the recalled eggs that caused a Salmonella outbreak in Iowa last week? I'm telling you those chickens and eggs looked extremely suspicious!
One handsome looking farmer and one awesome day at the Fair!


Saimi said...

I think Iowa should get the blue ribbon for putting on the best fair EVER!

What a super great day you all had and how I love Grants expression with his tongue sticking out, too precious!!

Sandra said...

OMG that giant rubber band contraption is like a death trap! Your kids are dare-devils!

Mamma has spoken said...

I think it's funny that there are portapotties beside the grape press.
I wonder what they'll be doing with all that butter after the fair? As for it being in MY classroom. It would work, my room is that cold, all year round...

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Such fun. Your family has the best adventures Amy.

Grant looks just like his dad in that last pic

Anonymous said...

An awesome fair and awesome pics too... Glad I wasn't there to witness the rope swinging stuff.......too much for me!

Grandma Betty

Teachinfourth said...

Isn't it amazing that the fair seems to have that hodgepodge that you just can't seem to find anyplace else?

Looks like it was fun…butter sculptures and all.

Together We Save said...

Looks like a very fun day!! Our fair is still about a month away... my kids can't wait..

Tracey said...

If you put that butter sculpture in your classroom, I'm not coming to work anymore. LOL LOL