Sunday, September 12, 2010

A "Madison" Weekend

Madison had the best weekend ever, or at least I think she did. Well, she better have! We celebrated Madison's upcoming 10th birthday all weekend long, even though it's actually this coming Wednesday.
It started by picking up gourmet cupcakes at PJ's Baby Cakes after school on Friday. Delicious!
At 6pm, six girls (one arrived later) came over for a slumber party. Madison loves these types of events. Now her mother...not so much. The girls are enjoying pizza from Cici's.
The girls waited for friend, Aleni, to arrive by watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid downstairs. That is a must see movie. Very cute! "Zooemama!"
Then we played a game that I thought up. I scattered 200 of those popular, drive teachers crazy, Silly Banz all over the yard. The girls were each given a flashlight and a list of particular banz to look for. They were not allowed to just pick up any band, it had to be on their list.
The driveway was used for sorting and counting to see if all were located. Each girl ended up with two dozen banz. Only two were unaccounted for, which were the small ring ones. The hunt was about 45 minutes long and then another hour of trading pursued afterwards.
This Silly Banz hunt was a huge hit with the girls! Even one girl asked if we could do this again. I believe I could win "Mom of the Year" for this idea.
Then it was off to "sleep" in the tent. Yeah, right, I could hear them still at 4:00am. I took apology cookies to the neighbors on Saturday. So sorry!
Having Grant wake the girls at 8:00am did not make me feel bad. In fact, I could not have enjoyed it more. I probably wouldn't have disturbed them if it wasn't for one girl needing to go home by 8:30.
Even Grant couldn't wake the dead.
On Saturday, I tried my first attempt at making a trifle for Madison. Making those layers even is very difficult. It tasted great no matter how it looked. The trifle had devil's food cake, Cool-Whip, carmel and toffee chips in that order and then repeated. It was sinfully good!
Then on Sunday, we had a "party" at Kids Against Hunger in Madison's honor. We packaged 12 boxes of food that created 2,376 meals.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday my darling daughter. Happy Double-Digits to you!


missy said...

what a weekend! the pix from friday night were awesome! emma took a 3 hour nap on saturday. :) i'm so sorry we missed the kids against hunger time. sundays are always so crazy and i just forgot until i just read your post! what a neat thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Madison had an awesome weekend. I hope she enjoyed it and will have great memories from the slumber party! Happy Birthday on Wednesday to my favorite grand daughter............a big 10 now. Madison always reminds me that she is my ONLY granddaughter. She still is a fave!

Grandma Betty

Cheeseboy said...

Can I just say that you may be the bravest woman I know. I teach 23 kids and there is no way - ever -that I would allow my son to have that many kids over for a sleep over.

Kudos to you and that dessert looks amazing.

Saimi said...

Not only do you Rock! but you definitely get the mom of the year award!!

Wow, Great, great party!!

Mamma has spoken said...

You are an awesome mom. Madison and her friends will remember this for a long, long time.

Mindee said...

I love it when you can have the slumber party in a tent. Such fun!

I hadn't heard of the Kids Against Hunger program. Thanks for the info.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Whoa - that sounds like one awesome birthday weekend! And I love the creativity behind the Silly Bandz Scavenger Hunt!

(I found you through Mindee's blog - and I love your design and subtitle!)

Taylor said...

Happy Birthday!
Looks like it was a fun day!
Saying Hi from Mindee's blog :)