Wednesday, July 28, 2010

They're Back!

Life is back to normal for the most part. Grant and Madison are now home. Tyler left on Sunday (making his return for 12 hours) for a Youth Mission trip to Minnesota. He'll be gone for the week and return FINALLY on Saturday for good.

As you can see, Ranger is getting all the attention once again and the doggie diarrhea is now a thing of the past. Hallelujah!
It has quickly come to my attention that I have less than a dozen days left of my summer vacation. I haven't even started to use my kids' Summer Fun passes, so it was off we go this week visiting several of our favorite places.

First, the Children's Zoo (Monday)
Grant was excited to go and thought we'd see Tyler working there. He was disappointed to find out that Tyler wasn't going to give him his pony ride. Of course, I paid for the ticket to ride the pony prior to Grant's realization and Grant was not about to budge without Tyler. No Tyler, no pony ride. The stinker! Someone had to ride that pony....
Thank you Madison! I knew you'd pull through for me.
On Tuesday, we traveled to my favorite ice cream shop, Ivanna Cone, in downtown Lincoln. It's located in the old Creamery building.
Check out those fun flavors....Andy chose Brandy Cherry, Grant had Grape Soda, Madison got the last of the Mint Chip and I had Strawberry. Delicious and the atmosphere is incredible!

We came home to a uneventful evening until Grant decided he had to go to the bathroom after 10pm and did this...
He stubbed his pinky toe on the trim in the bathroom. I ran to his screams to find the nail on his toe hanging by a thread. I about passed out. (Nursing would never be my thing.) I called for Andy, who was outside at the time, to bandage it. We gave the poor kid some pain reliever and this morning it seems to be okay.

Notice that his first toe has been stubbed twice this summer leaving it raw. This kid is extremely accident prone. I am starting to wonder if he needs glasses.

Now here's my dilemma, do I change the bandage myself or should I go to the doctor's office? I am wondering if the nail should be removed. I don't think the toe is broken, but I just don't know how to proceed. Any suggestions?

I initially thought to take him in, but now I'm wondering if they'd think I'm one wacky parent to bring in a stubbed toe. I'm a parent who can't handle blood, which is true. Not only do I not like blood, but I also don't like $30 co-pays either.


missy said...

love the pic of grant and ranger. glad you have your kiddos back. i'm thinkin the girls need a playdate. we never go to ivanna cone. obviously we are missing out. sorry about the toe. i would definitely say doc's office, but i am the queen of paying needless co-pays!

Saimi said...

I agree with Missy. I think you should take him to the doctor, ouch, ouch, ouch man that looks like it hurts, I really think that would be the best thing to do.

I'm so happy for Ranger!! His kids are home. That Ivanna Cone looks very yummy what a perfect summer treat!

Connie said...

I hate paying needless co-pays. Do you have a nurse in your neighborhood who could take a look at it?

I'm sure it's good to have the kids back. You're right about summer being about over! Take advantage of those season passes!

Teachinfourth said...

If I were still in Boy Scouts I'd probably recommend a tournaquet…that seems to have been my troop's preferred remedy to most situations.

Glad you've gotten 66.6% of your kids back.

Sarah said...

Hope you enjoy the last days of summer! I don't know what to tell you about the toe - I am sure it would be fine without going to doc but I don't have much experience yet! :)

Mamma has spoken said...

Not to rub it in, but school doesn't start for me until the 16th.
I read on another blog about their daughter doing the same thing that Grant did. Doctor told her to use super glue and glue the nail back!

Amy said...

Thanks for all your feedback! This is one parenting area that I just don't have the stomach for!! LIterally!

I did call the doctor's office and they were booked solid for today, so they had me talk to a nurse. After discussing it with her, we decided that there's not much they could do. She said we could get the nail removed, but it would be painful and the nail will probably fall off on it's own.

Besides, Grant said, "It only hurts a wittle bit now."

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I was going to say leave it and I was right! Woo-hoo!

Can you tell I live with teens? The chance to be right about something is way too exciting.

I love the picture of Madison on the pony.

Amy said...

Hi there! I was passing thru via Lisa Leonards blog and noticed that you are from Nebraska!!!! We just got back from visiting my husbands grandparents in Lincoln and I had some things I was wondering about that I felt I couldn't ask his 88 year old grandparents. First, where does everyone get the cute cut outs on the front doors?? Is there a local artist that makes those? We were driving around and I noticed them on almost every door in one of the neighboorhoods.
Second, what is the legal age for kids to work? We were ordering at a Runza and the young man seemed very very young to me. Our kids have to be 15 to work here in Cali.
Sorry, I know this might seem strange because I am a TOTAL stranger but those questions were really nagging at me and I didn't know whom to ask.
PS: I LOVE Nebraska!

T said...

ouch! man, I thought that I was the clutziest person on earth... I may have some competition :)

I loved your post about the tooth fairy - ours is extremely forgetful sometimes as well :)

thanks for dropping by!!

Jason, as himself said...

Loved the children's zoo, loved Ivanna Cone, but the poor stubbed pinky I did not love!

Penny L said...

Glad for your doggie's sake that the kids are back, and, since I didn't catch up on your blog until now, I'm guessing Tyler is back by this time so you have all 3 kiddos back home! Hope Grant's toe is doing all right. After our scrapbooking weekend, Emily said to me "Amy's little boy is SOOO cute!" I told her how much I agreed with her, so, if he gets over the accident-prone phase of his life soon, we'll be seeking adoption of him..... You can go ahead and let your husband know now. :-)

Amy said...

Penny, just let me know when! LOL