Friday, July 23, 2010

The Forgetful Fairy

This has been a wonderful week for me without having my children around. Rarely am I not around children. Oh, of course, I dearly love them all (mine and other people's), but it is sure nice to get a break. The only drawback this week has been our dog who became so depressed that I needed to seek professional help for the poor guy. He had lost so many fluids (caused by making himself sick) that he was bleeding from his bottom and lost all the "good" bacteria from his intestinal tract. If only you could imagine the mess that I had to endure wasn't pretty.

Anyway, I was cleaning Madison's room this week and found a tiny baby tooth that she lost around the end of June hidden under her pillow in a zip-lock bag. Nuts! I had totally forgotten about it and she knows that I know "mom" is the real fairy. So, the joy of being a fairy has kind of lost it's appeal with me. I do recall that about two weeks ago she stated, "Mom, the tooth fairy still hasn't come." My response was have you emailed her about it. (Mental note to me: don't forget!)

Now having this week free to do as I pleased, I "the fairy" have composed a note to Madison explaining the situation....

Dear Madison,

I am so sorry that I was unable to stop by sooner to retrieve that tooth you lost several weeks ago. I could give numerous reasons for not remembering. For example: I was extremely busy running my fairy children to multiple functions around town or the constant routine of cleaning my fairy home, but that is just my excuse for forgetting what is important to a nine year old. So, I guess I just want you to know that tooth fairies also make mistakes and I apologize. I’ve also included a bit more money than usual due to the circumstances. Please spend wisely.

I just wanted you to know that the past seven days, of my fairy life, I was on a staycation (meaning home alone without responsibilities), which freed up much of my hectic schedule. This made it possible to get many of my tasks, including your tooth money, accomplished this week. I believe all fairies should get this privilege every once in a while. It was rejuvenating!

Please also know that I am now excited to get back to my regular schedule. I really do miss my darling fairy children and anticipate their arrival shortly. By the way, the fairy dog did not do well without his loyal, loving companions and can’t wait to see them.

Love and Smiles,

The Official Tooth Fairy


Saimi said...

Hahaha!! What a great mom/toothfairy you are! Love the note!

Thanks for the follow, I'm returning the love! Once school starts up you'll have to visit my preschool blog (Three days a week). I work in a special ed preschool room and we have so much fun, I have to write about it!

enjoy your free time and I hope your doggie gets feeling better!

Mamma has spoken said...

Aw poor doggie! I hope he is getting better!
As for the tooth fairy, I think she wrote a wonderful explaination.

Sarah said...

too cute

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I love that. I hope she has the sense to hang on to that. It will be priceless one day.

Penny L. said...

awwww....that toothfairy came through in the end, didn't she? nice job!