Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grandpa Vest's 100th Birthday

Today I thought about Grandpa. A hundred years ago today, a man named Hubert Leslie (Les) Vest was born. So, today I bought a cake in his honor and celebrated for Grandpa. Unfortunately, Grandpa wasn't here to enjoy his piece of cake, so I ate two (one for him and one for me). I thought it was the least I could do. Any excuse to eat cake, I say!

Grandpa passed away from heart failure days before Christmas 1990 at the age of 80. I was a sophomore in college at the time and didn't meet Andy until my junior year, so unfortunately Andy did not get to meet Grandpa. I wish they could have met since I see a similar strong-willed personality.

(Grandpa and me in a car in 1974)
Notice how it was acceptable then for a 3 yr. old to sit in the front without a carseat! Eek!
Grandpa was a kind man who was married for well over fifty years to my grandmother. He was the father of five, grandfather of thirteen and now the great-grandfather of twenty-one. Les was also a retired Bell Telephone Manager, an avid golfer (made a hole in one), an opinionated Democrat and a devout Christian.

Grandpa also had some many quirks that I remember fondly. Even now when I buy a loaf of bread at the store, I only purchase the name brand bread because Grandpa would call the plain (generic) kind "sawdust bread". Or how he would drive even slower if he thought someone else was driving too close behind him on the road. Oh, he was ornery!

(Grandpa, Grandmi & me the day before my high school graduation)
Over twenty years have passed since I last saw Grandpa. Funny how I can still hear the sound of his voice echo in my head. Grandpa was a very special person to me. I just hope that someday in sixty years, I'll make the same kind of difference in the life of my grandchild as Grandpa did in me.

One Hundred Years from Now...

It will not matter how much money you made,
What kind of car you drove,
What sort of house you lived in.
One hundred years from now,
The world will be a better place,
because YOU made a difference,
In the life of a CHILD.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Grandpa Vest!


Mamma has spoken said...

I was my mom's birthday too! We figured out that she would have been 74. I didn't buy a cake in her honor, but I did wish her a silent birthday. She's been gone for 12 years and I still miss her as much today....

Mindee said...

What a lovely way to celebrate the day.