Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Wrestling Meet

Today was Tyler's first wrestling meet.

It was Tyler's first time wrestling for three minutes in front of a large crowd.

Oh, I was so nervous for him. I could hardly contain myself. I fidgeted, I bit my lip, I got a stomachache, I chewed my nails and I even had to close my eyes at times. This was one difficult thing for me, his mother, to handle. I guess I just hadn't quite prepared myself for this kind of event.

I thought I had come prepared for a lengthy meet. I do recall that these kinds of things can last for hours, so I got Grant food and toys all ready to go in a bag. I even remembered to pick Madison up from a sleepover on our way to the meet. I was ready for anything....okay, not mentally, but I was ready. Then I forgot the most important item of all...a camera. Tyler's meet was clear across town at Irving Middle School and I would have missed his first match if I went back home to get it. I'm usually not one to leave the camera behind, but today I dropped the ball!


So, I am going to improvise by re-creating the wrestling meet that took place this morning. Please note this is a dramatization. The photos are of paid professionals, who did not participate in the meet, and know very little about wrestling in general.

Match #1
Madison (acting as Tyler) got pinned within the first period by a Scott Middle School student (played by Grant) and Ranger (our dog) is the ref for the game. The end result: Tyler getting a bloody nose and me looking like one frazzled mom. I don't handle blood well or seeing my kid struggle. It was dreadfully, painful to watch!

Match #2
Tyler's second match proved a little more promising. His opponent was his height, unlike the last brute, and appeared to have similar playing skills. Tyler (starring Madison) went all three minutes with a Scott Middle school student and the score was 9-4 in Tyler's favor.


Now on to next week...I will remember the camera, Grant's bag and maybe some aspirin for me.


Mamma has spoken said...

My sons did wrestling too.
We would drive over an hour away to a school which might be in another state, bright and early in the morning, just so that they could be there for sign in. Then we would sit and sit and sit for hours waiting for their match which, depending on their opponent and weight class,only lasted a few minutes.
I was so glad when the one (who influnced the others) decided that him in tights, on a mat with another man in tights, was not his idea of fun.

missy said...

loved your reenactment of the wrestling match with maddie and grant. emmie has some fun pix from the sleepover i'll have to get to you.

Amy said...

Mamma--Yes, I think I'm most definitely with you on this one. However, Tyler might like this wrestling thing now that he's wrestling girls. He has six girls at his school who are on the team and I must say a few are pretty good too. I'm all for girls wrestling, but I think there's too much torso touching for them to wrestle each other. Girls wrestling girls and boys wrestling boys, in my book. I'm usually pretty open minded about things too, but not this one.

Missy--I'd love to see those pictures from last night. Madison had a lot of fun with Emmie and Kate.

Mindee said...

I love the reenactment photos. Too funny. Rich did take pictures of Hayden but I'm afraid to look at them!

Tracey said...

Now that was a funny post! The dramatization was so clever. However, I noticed in the second picture that "Tyler" looked lessed than thrilled to be an actor in the recreated wrestling match. LOL

Mamma has spoken said...

I shared your info with the son who I was talking about. He said 'eeewwwwww' not because he doesn't like girls, but because he wrestled heavy weight.
The other son who wrestled said, 'ALRIGHT!' and that it would be so worth gaining/losing weight just to wrestle a girl without getting into trouble ;o)