Friday, November 5, 2010

Kindergarten Writing

Last night, I was finishing my fifteen hours of entering report card grades that I stumbled upon this darling journal entry. I had forgotten about this little gem. It was drawn on September 24th after a week of learning about "Symbols of our Country". At this stage of writing in kindergarten, students generally are making simple drawings of their family and labeling them. They might be writing some "I see _____." sentences, but nothing of this caliber.

This child, I'll call him Dylan, asked me to sound out the words for him. For example: I'll say okay, the word draw is Da, rrrrr, aaahhh. You get my point. I don't spell the words for the students.

Is it not the cutest thing? I think it's my favorite writing sample in my four years of teaching kindergarten.

And is it possible to look at this and not smile?? So precious! Lady Liberty is standing proud, Dylan!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! You gotta love those precious moments/things....


Mamma has spoken said...

That's great for that age! I think he'll end up in the gifted and talented group.

Tracey said...

That could be on a billboard for the 4th of July, huh?
Being such a patriotic person, I absolutely LOVE it!

Saimi said...

Lady Liberty is standing proud! I love it, absolutely love it!!

NENSA MOON said...

It's really great and pretty cool drawing for kid that age!!
Love to see the lady liberty in that pose..