Friday, October 16, 2009

Days 281-285

Monday, October 5th - We had such a beautiful sunrise that I thought that really should be my photo of the day!
Tuesday, October 6th - I realized I don't have any pictures of my kids doing their homework. How silly of me!!! They are really good at doing their homework without any nagging. I love that!
Wednesday, October 7th - Andy willingly came to my classroom and changed the blade in my Cricut for me. I could do it, but why not make the husband feel useful?!
Thursday, October 8th - Sorry for the repeat picture, but Grant playing with Barbie dolls was the best POTD that I could find.
Friday, October 9th - It's Friday night and my boys are playing computer games. Grant loves to sit on laps and play games. It's very sweet of Tyler to let him too.


Mamma has spoken said...

What a beautiful sunset!

Mindee said...

You're so sweet to think of Andy's feelings like that. :)

kad said...

You and Andy look exactly the same as all those years ago. As I was reading your captions, I came to realize that we really should have kept in closer contact......maybe now that will be possible